Watch IGNIS Compensation Technology Eliminate Severe Burn-in on an Automotive Display

5月 2, 2019

How IGNIS Max | Life™ technology works can best be summed up as follows: using our Drive circuits on a display panel we are able to Measure the performance of the OLED and then through our proprietary algorithms we Compensate the panel so that there are no visible signs of aging.

IGNIS Compensation Technology Video

The automotive prototype panel in the video was temperature stressed at 85° C for more than 1000 hrs and had visible squares burned into the panel. Since the panel was developed to show the impact of compensation, a switch was added to the circuit in order to turn the compensation technology on and off. Without IGNIS technology, the differential aging (visible squares) on the panel is quite visible. When the technology is applied, the aging (squares) is no longer visible.