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New IGNIS Automated Optical Inspection System (AOIS)

2月 18 2021

Our new Automated Optical Inspection System (AOIS) can easily rehabilitate an old OLED panel using IGNIS proprietary MaxLife™ compensation technology to identify and correct the problem of image retention. In addition to repairing or recalibrating devices, the system can also be used during the R&D development of OLED or MicroLED panels,…

IGNIS proud to be one of 90+ businesses active in Waterloo’s world-class AutoTech ecosystem

12月 09 2019

Waterloo’s AutoTech ecosystem continues to rapidly expand, with more than 90 businesses driving industry innovation alongside dozens of local research and commercialization hubs. From innovative start-ups to global automotive giants, IGNIS is proud to be part of this group.

IGNIS VP Business Development to speak at OLEDs World Summit 2019

9月 10 2019

Dr. SJ Tang Ph.D., IGNIS Innovation’s Vice-President Business Development, will be speaking on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at the OLEDs World Summit in San Jose, CA. His topic is “Solution for Removal of OLED Burn-in on OLED TV Using GPU based Real-time Compensation Technology”. SJ will present IGNIS’s real-time compensation technology to remove…

IGNIS Automated Panel Tuning System (APTS) corrects for initial uniformity (Mura) problems in OLED displays

9月 09 2019

IGNIS Innovation’s new Automated Panel Tuning System (APTS) corrects initial uniformity (Mura) problems in OLED displays stemming from manufacturing, material properties and device physics.
Using proprietary and patented Demura algorithms, the IGNIS APTS…

IGNIS is participating in I-Zone at SID Display Week 2019 in San Jose, California

5月 08 2019

IGNIS is pleased to be demonstrating our unique GPU based real-time AMOLED display burn-in compensation technology, in the Innovation Zone (I-Zone), during SID’s 2019 Display Week at the San Jose Convention Center.

Watch IGNIS Compensation Technology Eliminate Severe Burn-in on an Automotive Display

5月 02 2019

How IGNIS Max | Life™ technology works can best be summed up as follows: using our Drive circuits on a display panel we are able to Measure the performance of the OLED and then through our proprietary algorithms…

Latest IGNIS Compensation Demo on a Google Pixel 2 Display

11月 19 2018

Watch IGNIS compensation technology eliminate severe image retention on a Google Pixel 2 device. In this short video we demonstrate how IGNIS’s proprietary technology can identify and correct burn-in caused by OLED aging.

SJ Tang to speak at SID Vehicle Displays Detroit, the 25th Annual Symposium & Expo

8月 23 2018

Dr. Shuenn-Jiun (SJ) Tang, PhD, IGNIS Vice-President Business Development, will be speaking at SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2018 in Livonia, Michigan (September 25-26, 2018). He will address “Advanced Compensation Technology for AMOLED Automotive Displays” at 4:40 pm on September 25.

Director of Engineering to speak at the 9th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics

8月 13 2018

Ray Leerentveld, IGNIS Director of Engineering, will be speaking at the 9th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) in Changzhou, China on September 26, 2018. Ray will be addressing the “Use of External Compensation to Increase Resolution and Stability of…

IGNIS develops sensing IC incorporated into the source driver

5月 23 2018

In collaboration with our partners, IGNIS has developed a driver chip that incorporates the ability to sense individual pixels on the panel. Currently the IC is being used on medium sized panels designed for IT and automobile applications. This new integrated circuit is an integral part to the…