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IGNIS has developed a multi-functional display

11月 28 2011

The major issue with AMOLED is the reflectivity which mandates the use of circular polarizer (reducing the OLED efficiency by 57%). IGNIS has developed a technique that not only removes the need for polarizer but al…

Engadget Article on the IGNIS-RiT AMOLED Display

6月 03 2011

More news on the recent announcement with RiTDisplay, regarding the amorphous silicon AMOLED display using IGNIS’s AdMo™ technology.…

MaxLife™ Hysteresis Videos on YouTube

1月 03 2011

One of the problems with some AMOLED backplanes is short-term image sticking. If a user puts an image on the display and leaves it on for a minute or so, then tries to change the image, the original image will be “s…