IGNIS reveals slim 20″ AMOLED at SID Display Week

6月 6, 2012

Waterloo, Ontario – June 6, 2012 – IGNIS has revealed a 20 inch AMOLED display running at 240 Hz and only 3mm thick. Given today’s challenges in producing larger AMOLED displays which are uniform and stable, IGNIS has revealed a proven technology which works with different backplane technologies including traditional LCD backplanes and metal oxide backplanes.

“Our objective was to find a solution to enable affordable high quality AMOLED displays with lower risk, lower cost, and faster time to market”, says Dr. Reza Chaji, CTO. “Our compensation technology enables all TFT backplane technologies (a-Si, poly-Si, and oxide) to take advantage of the AMOLED market, thus opening up the supply channel.”

The technology can be used to manufacture any panel size with resolution up to 2k x 4k and up to 240Hz. The current panel was fabricated with a traditional amorphous silicon LCD TFT fab, and OLED deposition was completed by RiTdisplay Corporation of Taiwan.

About IGNIS Innovation
IGNIS Innovation Inc. is the leading provider of technology that makes AMOLED displays last longer, look better, and cost less. IGNIS works with display manufacturers to improve AMOLED displays using innovative circuit designs, driving algorithms, and embedded software. IGNIS is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, with sales and support offices in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

About RiTdisplay Corporation
RiTdisplay, established in 2000, is the first company in Taiwan devoted to OLED R&D and manufacturing. RiTdisplay offers the most advanced display products to meet a variety of different applications. RiTdisplay specializes in OLED research and manufacturing, and by utilizing existing equipment and technology, RiTdisplay has also diversified into glass capacitive-type touch panels.
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