New IGNIS Automated Optical Inspection System (AOIS)

February 18, 2021

Our new Automated Optical Inspection System (AOIS) can easily rehabilitate an old OLED panel using IGNIS proprietary MaxLife™ compensation technology to identify and correct the problem of image retention. In addition to repairing or recalibrating devices, the system can also be used during the R&D development of OLED or MicroLED panels, and during production runs of new panels.

In this video, Ray Leerentveld our Director of Engineering, demonstrates how the AOIS eliminates aged squares on a Pixel 2 Android Smartphone. Severe burn-in from OLED aging plagues AMOLED screens used in different applications.

The system is portable and currently available for panel sizes up to six inches. It can be modified to accommodate larger panel sizes as required.

The system has been designed for use by Mobile phone repair depots, Automotive shops repairing OLED displays, System Integrators of camera inspection systems for OLED panels, as well as traditional R&D and Assy lines for OLED Panel manufacturing.

View our AOIS spec sheet to learn more.