November 28, 2011

IGNIS has developed and verified the second generation of its MaxLife™ driver IC for AMOLED TVs, monitors and tablets.

Key features of this technology include:

  • Corrects for aging and non-uniformity in both the backplane and the OLED.
  • Resolves all image quality issues such as Mura, image sticking, and colour shift.
  • Compatible with all backplanes (amorphous silicon, polysilicon, and oxide TFT), and all types of OLED (white with colour filter, evaporated, printed, etc.).
  • Supports high resolutions, high frame rates, and 3D.

With polysilicon or oxide TFTs backplanes, where uniformity is an issue, the yield can be improved from a few percent to an acceptable production level. With amorphous silicon backplanes, where aging and speed are an issue, it enables stable high-frame-rate AMOLED televisions.