IGNIS Spring 2015 Update

April 24, 2015

The current OLED marketplace has reached a critical crossroad that has created an unprecedented opportunity for IGNIS and its proprietary technologies.

In 2014, to accelerate the adoption of its technology, IGNIS’s Board of Directors had engaged an investment banker to assist in seeking out a strategic partner. The process concluded in October, and the board, having reviewed the current market dynamics for OLED and the tremendous future prospects for its technology, elected instead to continue to operate as an independent technology provider to the Display Industry.

As a result of significant developments in the past year, the OLED large panel marketplace has opened up. In the early part of 2015 Samsung’s comments on exiting the OLED TV market for a few years was interpreted as a setback for the industry. However, significant investment by other companies coupled with Samsung’s re-entry into the market is viewed as a turning point for the industry. In addition, interest in OLED displays for other applications such as automotive, tablets, and laptops continues to increase. These applications demand “longer lifetime”, “higher performance” and “high yield over a larger area”. Thus conventional in-pixel compensation is not sufficient for these applications and so a different solution is required.

IGNIS is now providing the industry with the needed solution as a result of its leading development in external compensation. Currently, the company is engaged with several industry leaders to develop AMOLED displays for various applications such as TV, tablet, automotive, etc.

In addition, our team continues to work on new advanced technologies for the display industry which will fuel its growth and contribute to its partners’ success.

IGNIS and its stakeholders wish to thank all our partners for their continued support. We will be attending SID in San Jose and will have private demo room based on our latest developments. Please contact us in advance to arrange an appropriate time to visit with us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes for a successful 2015.
Peter Monsberger, Chief Executive Officer