Smooth, Mura and burn-in free images over a displays’ lifetime

Max | Life™

IGNIS Max | Life technology is an enhancement to our Intelligent | Pixel technology. Similar to Intelligent | Pixel, Max | Life solves TFT uniformity and aging, solves OLED uniformity and voltage shift and enables 330ppi display production. In addition, this technology solves OLED efficiency loss and improves power consumption.

AMOLED displays have two main layers:

An OLED (organic light-emitting diode) layer that emits light.

A backplane layer made of TFT (thin-film transistor) circuits that provide current to the OLEDs, thereby controlling their brightness.

Both layers are often non-uniform, which results in lines, spots, and cloudy areas known as “Mura”. As well, both layers can age non-uniformly, which results in burned-in images. Max | Life compensates for the OLED material aging, and provides extra TFT compensation for demanding applications (slider image #2).

It does this by measuring each TFT circuit and each OLED element in the display during operation, and uses that data to correct for non-uniformity and aging. This means the display will always show smooth, Mura-free and burn-in free images over its’ entire lifetime – up to 75,000 hours (slider image #3).