Test for and correct defects on all backplanes and any AMOLED

Max | Life™ Inspection

IGNIS Max | Life Inspection is a factory-calibration system for all AMOLED displays. Comprised of a combination of hardware and software, it scans the TFT backplane and OLED devices using Max | Life technology. The system can pinpoint the location and type of defects, collect data about the process, and measure non-uniformity which can be used to compensate to improve image quality.

The Max | Life Inspection system:

  • Is compatible with any AMOLED
  • Tests all backplanes – oxide, a-Si, and poly-Si TFTs
  • Provides 2-5 times higher yield by repairing identified defects during ramp-up
  • Means faster process ramp-up with detailed diagnostics
  • Ensures low-cost line monitoring by providing performance of every pixel, on every panel