Lead Software Engineer AOI Systems (Automated Optical Inspection)


AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays are a new cutting-edge display technology, used in a variety of applications from mobile phones to UHD TV. They offer superior image quality to AMLCD, lower power consumption, more vibrant colours, and lower manufacturing costs.

Established in 2000, IGNIS Innovation Inc. has become the leading independent supplier of technology for AMOLED displays. We develop the technology that makes AMOLED displays last longer, look better, and cost less. Spun off from the University of Waterloo, and based on more than 10 years of R&D, has more than 229 patents granted. IGNIS has strong relationships in Asia with leading display manufacturers who are introducing OLEDs into the global marketplace.


IGNIS unique approach to improving the image quality of the emissive displays is based on compensation algorithm for nonuniformity and image sticking have been recognized across the industry for offering unparalleled performance. Our continuous improvements and integration of these algorithms have resulted in world class patents and publications. We are looking for people with a wild imagination that can link the phenomenal across a multi-technology platform and come up with unique and practical solutions.

Reporting to the Director of engineering, this position is a key role at IGNIS that bridges the development of Electrical Corrections on OLED displays with direct optical correction. This involves the design and implementation of a generic software platform that can interface with the panel resolutions of different customer furnished cameras resulting in rapid corrections for the display modules.

This role includes the development of algorithms and optimization of these algorithms and software implementation to provide automated solutions that will work in a factory environment. The ideal candidate will have experience in image processing working in automation applications.


  • Work directly with the Director of Engineering to define product requirements.
  • Develop and realize algorithms for image correction of flat panel displays using camera based data collection.
  • Develop algorithms for data compression to minimize the size of data files containing data correction coefficients.
  • Document and create user manuals and integration/build instructions for the entire software package.
  • Develop and implement calibration algorithms for cameras.
  • Create software release packages with version control.
  • Interacts and coordinates deliverables with other technical groups within IGNIS.
  • Recommends improvements to processes and technology for both new and existing projects.

Technical Experience

  • Product test and optical calibration experience.
  • Extensive knowledge in the creation of algorithms for image processing.
  • Prior experience in writing and interfacing to low level driver applications.
  • Experience in optimizing multi-thread applications.
  • Strong experience in Software architecture development and partitioning to create reusable code.
  • Other technical requirements include: the use of Open CV libraries, MATLAB and conversion to C++ code and the writing of Windows Based C++ applications.


  • Capable of operating in fast pace environment.
  • Detail oriented with the ability to trouble shoot and determine the root cause of issues.
  • Excellent team work and communication skills used in leading a small team.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to see the big picture.

Education and Work Experience

  • Bachelor (or higher) in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum of five or more-years related experience

Salary + Benefits

  • Salary commensurate with experience.
  • Benefits include paid vacation and participation in the company health, dental and vision plan.
  • Eligible for bonuses and/or salary increases as per company policy.


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*IGNIS welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.