SID 2015 Update

June 10, 2015

IGNIS Innovation Inc. has demonstrated what an OLED display can achieve, when the quality and user experience do not need to be compromised because of display burn-in effect. The existing approach to reduce the burn-in is to keep the display off most of the time, and/or run the display at lower brightness most of the time, resulting in washed out images at high brightness. These approaches significantly undermine the user experience and limit the application of AMOLED displays.

IGNIS technology solutions for OLED burn-in, localized thermal effect, and display non-uniformity enable the only reliable AMOLED displays with high dynamic range (HDR) capability for wide range of applications. IGNIS was happy to attend SID 2015 and demo HDR enabled 65” UHD, 55” FHD and 5” HD displays based on our technology. IGNIS solutions do not compromise display reliability and extend the use of displays to IT and car applications.

Oled Display by Ignis

Since our MaxLife™ Lite solution can be easily integrated into the devices, IGNIS has received significant requests from OEMs for the integration of our solution into existing IT, car, VR, and TV devices. In addition, they will collaborate with IGNIS and our partners to develop full MaxLife displays.

One important message from SID, despite the entire buzz around LCD with Quantum Dot, is that OEMs love OLED displays for a wide range of applications as long as the burn-in issue is resolved. The message was that emissive displays can offer superior performance, power and design enhancement over other type of displays.