IGNIS is participating in I-Zone at SID Display Week 2019 in San Jose, California

May 8, 2019

IGNIS is pleased to be demonstrating our unique GPU based real-time AMOLED display burn-in compensation technology, in the Innovation Zone (I-Zone), during SID’s 2019 Display Week at the San Jose Convention Center.

This technology operates in real-time and is driven by software that resides in the device GPU. The system is predicated on OLED efficiency loss behavior. By tracking and recording the stress history of the display the system can utilize the data from a correction table to apply real-time brightness correction to eliminate image burn-in.

Display Week runs from May 12 to May 17 with Symposiums, Seminars and an Exhibition highlighting the latest trends and issues facing world’s electronic display industry. I-Zone is open during the exhibition portion of Display Week, which runs from 10:30 am on May 14 to 3:00 pm on May 16 (evenings excluded). You can find IGNIS in I-Zone section 1840, near the back of aisles 1800/1900 at table 35. The Innovation Zone is one of the show’s marquee events with live demonstrations of emerging display technologies.

For more information on the Display Week 2019 please visit: http://www.displayweek.org/.