Director of Engineering to present paper at ICDT 2017

February 9, 2017

Dr. Nino Zahirovic, IGNIS Innovation’s Director of Engineering, will be presenting a paper at the International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT) in Fuzhou, China (Feb 18-20). His topic is “Metal-oxide backplane integration challenges for OLED TV applications”. An abstract of Nino’s paper follows:

‘Metal-oxide semiconductor technology is the backplane technology of choice for large area AMOLED TV displays. Metal-oxide backplanes have the advantage of scalability and high mobility but suffer from some significant challenges including negative bias instability, non-uniformity, voltage threshold shift, thermal instability, light sensitivity and hysteresis. All of these issues can be significant barriers to widespread adoption of metal-oxide backplanes for OLED displays.


External compensation technology, championed by Ignis Innovation Inc., has enabled one display manufacturer to bring products to market while others still struggle. This talk outlines the optimal application of external compensation technology to solve the challenges of metal-oxide backplanes for OLED TV applications. Particular attention will be paid to which problems must be solved by process optimization and which problems can be tackled effectively by application of external compensation.”