Produce higher-quality, lower-cost AMOLED displays today

Business and Design Services

There is a significant gap between AMOLED leaders and other display manufacturers. Our proven technology and our team’s expertise can remove this gap and enable display manufacturers to produce significantly higher-quality, lower-cost displays in a short period of time.

IGNIS’s design and driving scheme technologies can compensate for AMOLED manufacturing problems. A unique feature of our technology is its compatibility with different display fabrication platforms without any concern about display quality.

We currently offer our technology and services to partners in three ways.

Technology Licensing
In order to commercialize our technology, our primary business strategy is technology licensing. With more than 390 issued and pending patents worldwide, our goal is to enable OLED display manufacturers to produce high-performance products with enhanced product features and competitive advantage using our broad portfolio of OLED technologies. Read more about IGNIS technologies.

Technology Transfer
We also provide an array of transfer services, include on-site training, to facilitate the smooth adoption of our technologies and materials by our partners. IGNIS’s superior technology can even allow process parameters to be relaxed, lowering the operating cost, improving the yield, and increasing the throughput. Read more about IGNIS technologies.

Design Services
We don’t just supply the technology – we can also design the Emissive panel itself, including all the drivers and electronics. We work with our partners’ internal teams to successfully implement our proprietary technology, giving them a competitive advantage with improved yield, superior products, and quicker time to market. Our prototyping capability allows us to provide our partners with AMOLED displays and drive electronics built to their specifications. Custom display products includes management of supply chain operations for high-volume production. Read more about IGNIS technologies.