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IGNIS reveals MaxLife™ Compensation Demo at the OLED World Summit

Oct 10 2012

Using the IGNIS 20” AMOLED TV reference design, we burned the IGNIS logo into the panel over several days. We used a sample that already had some defects. Then, we recorded a video while turning the MaxLife™ image processing on and off. The burn-in is clearly visible, and then disappears when MaxLife is turned on. View the video on YouTube:  

IGNIS Announces Changes to Executive Management Team

Oct 09 2012

Waterloo, Ontario – October 9, 2012 – IGNIS Innovation Inc. today announced changes to its executive management team: Paul Arsenault has decided to step down from his role as CEO of IGNIS to become the Vice-Chairman of the IGNIS’ Board. Peter Monsberger becomes IGNIS’ Chief Executive Officer. Peter previously served as IGNIS’ Chief Operating and Financial Officer. Reza Chaji becomes President of IGNIS in addition to his existing role as Chief Technical Officer. “The board would like to thank Mr. Arsenault for his long term guidance of the company over the years. Paul successfully enabled the business to grow from a small startup to where it is today by providing the capital needed through his financing activities” stated Mr. Kaneb, Executive Chairman of IGNIS. “The new management structure reflects the Board’s recognition that the Company is rapidly transitioning into its commercial stage”.